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Entry #9 ~ 2018-01-07

*It's a new Year!
*Added Comics page.
*Will probably be adding my old Creatura Elettrica comic and the back story, but will certainly not be taking it out of hiatus.
by Nick Drudge

Entry #8 ~ 2017-12-10

*Made a temporary favicon.
*Much more flexible template. It breaks less!
*Website now supports pages in sub folders! Root need not be a mess!
*Minor other tweaks.
by Nick Drudge

Entry #7 ~ 2017-12-09

*All buttons are now finished, they just don't highlight any more.
*Updated the About page to include the changes made to the site, in regards to the new PHP method.
*All buttons take you to a page now!
...even if it's just a boring old "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" type page.
by Nick Drudge

Entry #6 ~ 2017-12-08

*Woah, it's been almost a year!
*Breaking down and using just a hair of PHP to make a vague template so any time I add a button, I don't have to update 60 pages.
by Nick Drudge

Entry #5 ~ 2017-01-06

*Added Music page.
*Added Blog page.
*Added Games page.
*Added Links page.
by Nick Drudge

Entry #4 ~ 2017-01-08

*Added Contact page.
*Centered menu buttons.
by Nick Drudge

Entry #3 ~ 2017-01-07

*Added the Shows page.
*Temporary Gallery page.
*Made the menu buttons smaller.
*Corrected some accidental styles to their old HTML ancestors.
*Added a Home button.
*Now use asterisks for site changes.
*Made news block slightly smaller so entire site is proper size.
*Added meta info to some pages. No idea if that's 90s or not.
*Added a profile page for me.
by Nick Drudge

Entry #2 ~ 2017-01-06

Added the About page.
Fixed the date saying 2016 instead of 2017. Yay New Years.
Added some fancy graphics to the home page.
by Nick Drudge

Entry #1 ~ 2017-01-04

Welcome to the relaunched Broken Plates Productions! Now 100% more 90s!*
*Except for situations that break with modern browsers. And I'm not using in-line frames.
by Nick Drudge

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